Discussion on design of experts from Haoyijin Wrought Iron

2015-08-04 14:26:35 Mr.Wang 50
Wrought Iron product shall meet such requirements as safe structure, simple and practicable, multiple designs, beautiful.
First, safe structure has two aspects. One is firmness of the wrought iron product itself. Material can’t be too thin; structure force analysis is precise and key force positions shall be durable. Secondly, its utility shall meet safety requirements, for example height of staircase handrail shall be 900-1100mm, net distance between handrails shall be no more than 110mm; height of horizontal handrails is 1050-1100mm (the above data refer to architectural industry standard). For wrought iron product, avoid sharp corner or edge; there shall be no burr; there shall be chamfer at duly positions
Wrought iron product shall have practicability and decorative property. Thus, its design shall fully take customer’s needs, taste and thoughts into consideration and focus on the coordination between wrought iron product and its surrounding environment, e.g. space proportion, material and color of wall and floor, etc. Size of wrought iron product shall satisfy the needs of comfort, e.g. furniture design shall refer to human body engineering and human oriented.
Various arcs are used in most wrought iron products, for example arc “C” and “S”. You can also combine by yourselves. Arc in wrought iron works shall be natural and smooth without dead bend; integrally beautiful with proper compactness and tension.
Design style and theme of wrought iron product are based on customers’ requirements. Which is its theme, animal or plant in the nature? Which is its style, traditional Chinese ornamentation or European style? Designer shall well communicate with customer and give professional suggestions.
Real wrought iron designer is also wrought iron engineer and art creator. He or she must learn to know material used for wrought iron and technology of wrought iron processing, and then he/she can design a good work which satisfy wrought iron production and show wrought iron characteristics. Meanwhile, he or she shall learn culture both at home and abroad to improve his or her culture and accomplishment and apply into design works with fearless innovation.
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