How to choose exterior wrought iron product

2015-08-04 14:24:37 Mr.Wang 20
When selecting wrought iron product, you shall sit on it, checking if any rocking or noise when heavy loaded; check if weld spot is firm. Oil stain, impurity and rust removal and anticorrosive treatment must be carried out when fabricating the wrought iron product. Thus pay attention to its surface and check if it is smooth when making the selection. Good wrought iron furniture is made by hand. Its material is purer, carbon content is lower and product is finer; weld spot is smooth and firm. Check if furniture frame and shape are symmetrical and if surface is painted as painted furniture is easy to clean. Besides, you shall also ask if it is carried out moisture-proof treatment. Readily oxidizable metal after moisture (e.g. iron) is not applicable to be used in families at high humidity districts. For baking varnish furniture, make sure paint film not break off, no surface folding, no obvious sagging, no blotch or no scratch. There is no crack or unsoldering on pipe wall; there is no obvious ruffle at bending area; there is no cutting edge, burr or angular at pipe end.
Metal parts shall be firmly riveted with steel pipe without any loose. Rivet cap shall be smooth and flat without any bur.
  When handling metal furniture, avoid stumbling or scratching surface protective layer. Don’t put metal furniture at moist corner but at a dry place with good ventilation in order to prevent corrosion.
   Tips on maintenance: often clean furniture with wet cloth and soft cleaner; if any dust, brush along gap with soft brush and then clean with wet and soft cloth. Don’t use furniture in wet environment. Pay attention to water proof and moisture proof. If fading or spot on surface, immediately repair and paint to prevent affecting its complete appearance.
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