Introduction of striking wrought iron works and forging parts

2015-08-04 14:23:26 Mr.Wang 17
Wrought iron works usually have two categories. One is strikes, i.e. wrought iron works mainly forged by hand. Their materials are purer and carbon contents are lower.Their works are finer. Surfaces are smoother and designs are richer. So they are the preferable choice for household decoration.
First, check if product material is smooth, if there is any crack on surface, if paint spraying is smooth, or if color painting is matching. In addition to these surface problems, you shall also check if the product’s forming radian is smooth and natural, if flower shape is symmetrical, if grinding is smooth as good wrought iron product can’t damage pipe when grinding; second is weld.For high quality wrought iron product, there is no weld spot on its front. In general, high quality wrought iron product makes people feel noble and comfortable! 
   Product design and manufacture are full of nimbus and flexibility. The other is wrought iron product made from cast iron or cast steel. Such iron product is formed with a mould, so it is rough, heavy, low cost, easy to rust or break.For more information,plz send email to