Shopping Guide on Iron Art

2015-08-04 14:14:56 Mr.Wang 16
Ⅰ. Shape                                
Different decorative environments shall select corresponding shapes of wrought iron to satisfy the needs of environment and atmosphere.
II. Material
Selection of material depends on its rigidity, aesthetic property and economy and practicability. Neglecting any one may cause regret that can’t be repaired.
III. Design        
We design shape of iron scroll according to customer’s preliminary assumption and make out a sketch. If further precise design is required, we will charge for certain charges.
IX. Painting treatment                                                 
Paint seems like people’s dressing so different colors can reveal the style and characteristics of your iron works. For outdoor products, please take Haoyijin’s special anticorrosive treatment” into consideration to ensure your products free of corrosion in 10 years from installation.
V. Properties of forgings                                                  
Most iron components are forgings. Each shape is exquisitely carved. Their structures focus on aesthetic property and individuality. Thus, for design, they have special requirements, i.e. thinking through its feasibility and aesthetic property. We manufacture with comprehensive consideration of the above factors, but sometimes deviations of shape, structure or size against the original drawings may occur. If you do want to manufacture according to the original drawings, please instruct in advance.
VI. Artistry                                                                   
Iron scroll is a product with the integration of design and manufacture. Endless artistry makes iron flower have the property of perfect artistry. Haoyijin wrought Iron imbibes the soul of European iron arts and continuously update design concepts and manufacturing process, making great efforts to pursue the perfectness of iron flower art.
VII. Safety                                                                                                    
In addition to decoration, iron scroll is also a part of architectural structure, e.g. staircase, door and component, so height, width and dynamics of the iron works shall meet strict safety standards and requirements. You must make reasonable selection after the comprehensive consideration of these factors. Haoyijin may give rational suggestions for your reference.
VIII. Mode of installation                                         
For iron works of the same design, different effects may occur if you choose different modes of installation. So all projects to be installed must be measured in field by technicians of both parties, who then fix related data and sign contract in order to make installation go well.
IX. After-sale service:
Our after-sale service is offered according to your acceptance form. Thus, please fill in the form after the completion of installation so that we can follow up the after-sale service work.
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