Lijing Wrought Iron - Famous for Perfect Local Iron Works

2020-05-03 20:47:34 admintypj 6

Wuxi lijing Wrought Iron Co., Ltd is one of the most famous local Iron companies, most of the productes have been exported to many countries overseas with elegant work and stylish design. Our business including the processing and design of wrough irons.

Our factory has been established for over 20 years, covers an area of 1000 square meters, and equipped with the most advanced and high-quality machines. We are specialised in the process and design of wrough iron, copper and aluminum, with the main focus on projects with high technology.

Our staff are deligent and enthusiastic, with the goal to service our customers.

Our price is resonable and steady, depending on the material used and specifications.

Our products are being continuously exported to America and Europe, thus we are capable of making Euramerican styles.

Our company is your first choice.